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Suzhou's premier real estate & relocation experts, we are committed to helping expats in and around Suzhou find the best property to suit their needs. Feel free to search our database of high-end properties and compounds.

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Why people choose Nest Homes

  • Access to our huge cloud database of high end properties that is updated daily
  • Our expert English speaking team who will work together with you to find your ideal property
  • For our expertise & knowledge in home relocation for expats and their families in and around Suzhou
  • Knowing you're never alone when your a Nest Homes customer

Looking for something special?

We are not just a real estate company, we have expertise in relocating families to Suzhou, we can take care of everything, from the minute you arrive at the airport until you end your lease, we will be there helping you and your family in Suzhou.

If you like the sound of that, then we want to talk to you, please go to our contact page and one of our experienced staff members will contact you and help make your first move to a great life in Suzhou.